Choosing the Right Process for Divorce – There Is More Than One!

Friday, March 10

10 – 11 am PT
11 am – 12 pm MT
12 – 1 pm CT
1 – 2 pm ET

  • Are you considering divorce but unsure about your next step?
  • Have you heard the horror stories about divorce litigation and the emotional and financial devastation left in its wake?
  • Do you fear that the process of divorcing maybe worse than the divorce itself?

If so, in this webinar is exactly what you need.

Choosing the Right Process for Divorce – There IS More than One will arm you with the information you need to choose the right process for you including:

  • An understanding of the issues you face when divorcing.
  • An eye-opening review of various methods for obtaining a divorce.
  • Some helpful do’s and don’ts that empower you to choose the process right for you and your spouse.
  • The realization that conflict and carnage are not inevitable and a healthy divorce is not impossible!

My name is Kurt Chacon. I began my career as a lawyer doing personal injury trial work after graduating the University of Texas Law School in 1982.

It was not until after 14 years of marriage and a decision by my wife and I to divorce in 2010 that I begin to realize the effect of my parents divorce on my life. I was determined to make the best of the situation and put my children first, choose a divorce process that allowed me to do that, and do the work I needed to heal myself for the benefit of me and my family.

My wife and I chose the collaborative divorce process but we chose two lawyers who were not committed collaborative divorce practitioners. After months of struggle, we realized it was on us to make this happen in a positive way and we did so. I can say without hesitation my relationship with my former spouse is one of friendship, affection, respect, and support.

Going forward I felt that my experience as a child and divorce, a parent and spouse of divorce, and a trial lawyer could serve people who want to divorce differently and with dignity. I became trained in collaborative family law and also became a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®. Both my experience as a trial lawyer and as a divorce coach are necessary to support spouses in the collaborative process. I support parents and spouses to find their mutual interests, choose a client-centered process, facilitate open and honest communication, and put their children first while creating a new version of family.

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