How to Be Your Best Self When You Feel Your Worst

Wednesday, March 8

10 – 11 am PT
11 am – 12 pm MT
12 – 1 pm CT
1 – 2 pm ET

“How to Be Your Best Self When You Feel Your Worst” is for you if:

  • You sometimes feel lost, and need a better foundation.
  • You want to develop a feeling of well-being.
  • You need clarity on what makes you feel most alive and joyful.

Ending your marriage is a difficult process wrought with changes, fluctuating emotions, and many unknowns. Who do you want to be throughout this process? How do you want your children to see you? What attributes do you display when you are fully alive and engaged? In this session we will explore what it means to be your “best self,” and how this information will serve as a life raft in times of need.

In this session you will learn:

  • What your best attributes are and how to tap into them
  • How to identify your red flags, and turn them around into positives
  • How to connect to your best self and rise above the chaos and overwhelm in any difficult situation.

Kira Gould

As a CDC Certified Divorce Coach, and founder of Getting Unmarried,™ I am a HUGE believer in the concept of best self. I use it with nearly all of my coaching clients, and have implemented it in my own life with tremendous success (best thing ever: teaching it to my kids!). My clients tell me that tapping into who they are at their best helps them to navigate the life-shifting transitions that come with divorce. They always have a port to turn to in the storm…someone they can trust: themselves.

Growing up, I experienced divorce at an early age, and learned a great deal through both my parents’ subsequent marriages and blended families. As an adult, I soldiered through my own high-conflict divorce, complete with added personality-disorder complications. My education includes degrees in psychology, political science and design, as well as training in real estate and personal coaching. Work experience includes an internship at one of the top law firms in Los Angeles, and extensive negotiation practice and implementation during a decade of real estate transactions (I’m certified as a divorce real estate specialist). Additionally, I have a background in entrepreneurship, starting and running multiple ventures in design, publishing, writing, and coaching.

Though my heart was seriously broken in my divorce, I decided to trust (and listen to!) my best self, and give love another chance. Today, I am remarried to an unbelievably amazing man, and together we work at bringing out the best in each other and our children, allowing ample room for the joyful, and sometimes messy, reality of life.

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